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MLC is an innovative and independent multidisciplinary creative studio that places its primary focus on brand identity, art direction, and design.

Profitable branding goes beyond aesthetics; it provides answers to the fundamental questions that drive business success.

At MLC, we always start by asking the fundamental question: "why?" We believe it's crucial to understand what your business does, who your target audience is, and most importantly, why they should choose your product or service. We recognize that consumers have a keen eye for exceptional products, and your brand's aesthetic plays a vital role in establishing credibility. By carefully crafting your brand's image, tone, and vision, we give you a competitive edge. Our design concepts are rooted in aligning user needs with your business goals. Through close collaboration, MLC will work with you to effectively communicate your unique business narrative, ensuring that your brand stands out and resonates with your target audience.


What we do

We specialize in creating and constructing meaningful designs and experiences that contribute to the growth of your business. We collaborate closely with you to build a stronger foundation and elevate your brand through thoughtful design solutions. Our approach is heartfelt and deeply connected, as we approach each project with meticulous thought and unwavering attention to detail.


Mobile Studio

Anywhere USA

Phone: 314-282-8171

Physical Studio

9529 Yuma Drive

Saint Louis MO 63123

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Worth Clark Realty








Marks & Logo

Creative Direction

Brand Identity

Editorial & Layout

Stationery Systems

Marketing Collateral


Environmental Design

Social Media Marketing 


Digital Design

User Interface










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