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Project type: Branding      Client: Garland Coffee Group      Deliverables: Concept, Development, UI, Branding & Environmental 






Nostalgic junkies

unite with Garland Coffee Company.

Garland coffee company serves coffee for the earnest. This coffee brand was inspired by nostalgic memories of the past.  This concept brings back sincere old coffee brand commercials, watching your grandparents methodically make a pot of coffee, and the wistful memories of waking up to the aroma of fresh coffee brewing.

garland logo_orang.png


Based on computational references and technological design, a secret message awaits a select few.

Garland Cold Brew._mattepsd.png


Inspired by advertising and branding styles from the 1930s-1950s.

Garland takes cues from Streamline Moderne and Mid-century modern advertising ephemera.

It relies heavily on type and color.


The design and color were intended to resemble the printing capabilities of this time period. It was uncommon to use full-color printing because of both printing and monetary constraints. The large abstract shapes and minimalist patterns bring the brand into modern times. 

papaer cup_garland.png
type lock up.png

Package Design

Utilizing a tin can takes you back to a time where even the coffee was packaged sturdily. The tin can allows you to dip your scoop into the grounds.

The ritual of making a pot of coffee never fades. 

Garland Coffee_Can_mockup.png

Experiential Design

Garland Coffee is a heritage brand that can move into a modern space seamlessly. The Garland coffee space is an independent store. The interior has exposed brick and utilitarian furniture.

Garland Cafe Door copy.jpg
Garland Coffee Bag.png
garland cup 3.png
type lock up copy.png
garland retro art .png
Garland Website Mock.png
Round Sign _GARLAND  copy.jpg
Brick_wall Mural Portrait Mockup
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