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Hello! My name is Melanie Layer-Gaskell, and I am the founder and Creative Director of ML Creative, LLC.  I hold a BFA in Graphic Communications from Maryville University, and I have been working in the design field for over a decade.


I am proficient in logo design, branding and identity, print design, web design, experiential graphic design, and typography. For the past several years, I have had the privilege to provide services for a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from large national healthcare corporations to small start-ups.

Thoughtful & Effective 

A hard-working problem-solver.


MLC was established in 2016 with a desire to cut through the corporate maze of complications and work directly with clients who understand that design matters.


After working at an Agency for three years, I opened my own business and did a somersault right off a ledge.


It has been both the hardest and the best thing I have ever done. Five years later I am standing strong and wake up every day to do what I love. 


MLC works with ambitious brands that are looking to create distinction through the power of design. We believe design work is way more than "making the logo bigger.”


We craft designs that tell your authentic story and reach audiences on a new level. My design process is rooted in classic design principles and theory. My work is thoughtful and, most importantly, effective.

Midwestern Disposition

MLC is a utilitarian design studio. After working with startups and

small businesses over the years

I know that being pragmatic about

the design process is essential.


Exceptional design can also be affordable. Good design for all.


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