The Idea Behind the MLC Logo

Based off a deep love of mid-century everything. Here is how the MLC logo and branding came to be.

From my earliest age, I have always been interested in old things. Nostalgic things. I can look at a stack of photos for hours, any time any day. I love to look at old magazines, packaging, and printed work. I feel like there is so much to be taught from looking back.

I have always drawn inspiration for my work from architecture. Mid century modern is broadly described as architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century (roughly 1933 to 1965). I am deeply in love with this aesthetic.

A close second is Streamline Moderne. Streamline Moderne is an international style of Art Deco architecture and design that emerged in the 1930s. It was inspired by aerodynamic design. I am most interested on how this style was applied to projects and architecture- specifically at the Walt Disney Studios design completed by architect Kem Weber. In early 1940 Walt moved his studio from Hyperion to Burbank and hired Kem Weber to design everything from his office interior to animation desks.

Much of my work is inspired by this look and style. Back to the logo. My first logo was made while I was still a student. Originally my logo was based on mid-century modern architecture. Specifically the low-slung rooflines.

Old MLC logo- Circa 2008

After getting married we moved to a subdivision a few blocks away from the old Route 66. Our home is just two minutes from the old Coral Court location and a couple of other retro motels. Obviously, I loved this and looked to the printed and memorabilia associated with route 66 in the 1950s.

That led me to the retro hotel key tags. The MLC logo is a simple mark utilizing my initials on a kelly green key tag.

In the end I wanted the MLC branding to reflect my design- it's a little bit retro, a lot modern and mostly minimal.


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