How MLC found OPO startups

A journey to find a co-working space.

In early 2017 I was asked to join and work on a large retainer project and after weeks of working out libraries and Bread Co's ( yeah, i am from St. Louis and we dont say "Panera") we had to find a better workplace solution.

We were searching for a halfway point between our homes and were lucky to find a co -working space that was just about halfway between both of us. Enter OPO Startups.

When I started at OPO I was in co-working at a beautiful stand up desk in the corner of a large brick covered room. It was incredible to walk into a space and find so many like minded entrepreneurs. It was refreshing to see others that had quit their day job to take on the impossible. I felt at home right away.

Since becoming a OPO member I have met some incredible people and formed some great working relationships. We nicknamed the our section of co- working the "creative corner". From those relationships we came together to collaborate on some stellar design projects. One of those projects even won the Demo Day 2017 first prize of 25,000.00.

Since then I have now moved down the street a few feet to the Odd Fellows Building at 117 South Main. Its still part of the OPO startup community I just have my own office. Good news is its still in a corner and I fondly refer to it as the "creative corner".

Check out OPOStartups, seriously its pretty awesome.


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